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Tandala Ranch

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Tandala Ranch is located at the foot of Mount Kenya, an area which is surprisingly little known for its wildlife scene. Unfortunately this is totally unjustified. Also at the foot of Mount Kenya there is the OL PAJETTA Conservancy, an area of 110 square kilometres offering the big five in full splendour. It is said that the density of wildlife in the OL PAJETTA conservancy is one of the highest in Africa. Tandala Birding lodge and Fever Tree eco camp are located only 10 miles from the conservancy. So close to this concentration of wildlife, Tandala Birding lodge and Fever Tree eco camp are ideally situated to bring their guest to OL PAJETTA conservancy for the ultimate safari experience.

The high density of wildlife in OL PAJETTA makes it very well possible to give guests the "big five experience" in a two day visit.

It should be noted though that international visitors pay an entrance fee of 85 US$ per day to enter the conservancy. 



Equally rewarding is a visit to MPala .  Big herds of elephants can be encountered and Tandala can arrange for an exclusive lunch on the river banks in the shade of mature fever treees (yellow acaia). Cost of ad day trip with maximum 4 persons is 100 Us$, car hire and lunch included